The WI Calendar

Why not come along to our next meeting, you can pay on the door and do not have to subscribe to membership. Come when you want and you will be more than welcome.

Meetings start at 7.30pm, the third Thursday of every month.

For further information email the Secretary.

Alex Richardson, Scout jamboree to South Korea.

January 18th

Scout jamboree to South Korea.

Alex Richardson survived the the floods, the heat, a typhoon and devastation during his Scout jamboree to South Korea. Brave Alex will relive his harrowing experience for our entertainment.

Clare Thornton - We are Sherburn.

February 15th

We are Sherburn.

Clare Thornton introduces 'We are Sherburn', a group that aims to connect business with the community.

Easter-themed craft session.

March 21st

Easter-Themed Crafts.

Navigating The Care Conundrum.

April 18th

Navigating The Care Conundrum.

Silvertime Legal - Covering care, care fees, care homes and lasting powers of attorney.

The Amazing True Story of Henrietta Lacks.

May 16th

The Amazing True Story of Henrietta Lacks.

Andy Wilson (Engagement Manager @ Yorkshire Cancer Research) - The amazing true story of Henrietta Lacks – her childhood on a former tobacco plantation in 1920’s Virginia, her brief adult life, her death from cervical cancer, the world-first medical research breakthrough achieved with her cancer cells and the huge impact of that breakthrough ever since, saving millions of lives worldwide.

No Eyed Deer.

June 20th

No Eyed Deer.

Buns and Banter.

July 18th

Buns and Banter!

Meet up for a lively get together, a cuppa, light snack and a chat. Venue to be confirmed.

Summer Holidays.

August 17th

Summer Holidays.

Sadly, no meeting. Time to relax and work on the tan.

Autumn-themed crafts .

September 19th

Autumn Crafts

Annual Meeting & Xmas Craft Session.

November 21st

Xmas Craft Session and Annual Meeting.

Christmas Special.

December 19th

Christmas Special.

Of course there's going to be wine!