The WI Team

Alix Siddall, President.

Alix Siddall -President

About me: Having been born and brought up in the area , I moved away and travelled around a bit before settling in South Milford 12 years ago. Being heavily involved in village life (Parish Council, Playing Fields Association etc.), the WI seemed the next logical (and much more fun!) step to take.

Fav cake: Anything homemade, especially involving fruit & nuts!

Heroines: Kris Hallenga for her strength of character and campaigning work for her charity Coppafeel.

Caroline Dulson, Secretary and Programme Organiser.

Caroline Dulson -Secretary and Programme Organiser

About me: I love all things arty and crafty and will do almost anything for a good slab of cake and a cup of tea! Happiest when I'm pottering in the garden, painting with my children or drinking gin and tonic with friends. Joining the SMWI has at least covered one of these!

Fav cake: Any that I didn't have to make or wash up after.

Heroines: Mary Poppins (for the amazing bag).

Claire Thomas, SMWI Treasurer.

Claire Thomas -Treasurer

About me: As a newcomer to South Milford, mum of 2 and an electrical engineer I joined the WI as a way to meet people and to get a bit of female (grown up) company! So far so good...

Fav cake: My Grandma’s praline filled with lots of Cadbury’s Flake.

Heroines: Margot Fonteyn and Jacqueline Du Pre.

Suzanne Cawood, Hall Bookings.

Suzanne Cawood -Hall Bookings

About me: I look after the hall bookings which means that my children associate the WI with lots of phone calls and emails!

Fav cake: Coffee cake with orange icing.

Heroines: Emily Bronte (for Wuthering Heights), Emily Pankhurst (everyone should vote) and Philippa, Comtesse de Sevigny (an obscure one that).

Lisa Bulmer, Committee Member.

Lisa Bulmer -Committee Member

About me: I moved into the village over 4 years ago and joined WI to meet like minded ladies and to become involved in village life My day job is working in Corporate Banking and in my spare time I like to watch a variety of sports and spend time with my beloved family and friends.

Fav cake: Not very WI but I don't have a sweet tooth! If I had to choose one though it would be Pat Scott's bakewell slices.

Heroines: HM Queen Elizabeth 2nd. No words can sum up my admiration for her and her long service and dedication to our country.

Mags Fuller, Committee Member.

Mags Fuller -Committee Member

About me: Having been President of South Milford WI for the last 4 years, I have passed the mantle on to another of our fabulous committee members this November. Whilst I may not be President any more, I’ll still be working with Caroline to book ever more exciting and unusual speakers for our WI, so if you have an even vaguely interesting job or hobby, watch out, we are relentless!!

Fav cake: Dawn's Millionaire's Shortbread.

Heroines: My friends Patty B and Kate - strong, generous, kind and brave.

Patricia Lawrence, Committee Member.

Patricia Lawrence -Committee Member

About me: Moved to South Milford from London in 1971. It was a real cultural shock! Been a member of SMWI since it started. Had a variety of jobs but my favourite was the last as an emergency delivery driver. It meant I travelled all over Europe for the last 20 years [still available for work]. Very crafty, sew, knit, paint.

Fav cake: Pavlova

Heroines: Gladys Aylward. As I’ve travelled to China three times and experienced the legacy she left behind.

Paula Marchetti, Committee Member.

Paula Marchetti -Committee Member

About me: I’ve lived in Milford longer than I’ve lived anywhere. A whole 7 years, I love this village and the people who have become my friends. I’m a biochemist and geek to the core. The WI is a fabulously friendly place. I’m a fan of all things outdoors, time with family and friends, my sewing machine, my husbands cooking, gin and a good book.

Fav cake: Coffee and walnut or my friend Bev’s amazing Christmas cake (but willing to try any cake).

Heroines: Coco Chanel - as I like wearing trousers, Emmeline Pankhurst and Emily Davison - as I like having a say, and Rosalind Franklin, Dorothy Hodgkin, Anne McLaren to name a few that have my inner geek amazed.

Pat Scott, Committee Member.

Pat Scott -Committee Member

About me: As the most senior member of the team in years if not in rank I attempt to kerb the wilder schemes of these enterprising youngsters –usually without success! I am a retired Home Economics teacher (still ranting about the demise of my subject in schools -don't get me started). I am happiest when pottering in the garden and have what my family regard as an obsessive attachment to my compost bins and their squishy contents.

Fav cake: Rich fruit cake with lots of marzipan - Christmas, Birthday, Fridays any excuse will do. Oh, and Suzanne's chocolate crunch, we all look forward to committee meeting at her house!

Heroines: Mo Molem and Auntie Eva, who was also my domestic science teacher and taught me to cook.