SMWI In The Community

We actively support the local community, and get involved in village activities through campaigning, attending local events and providing the WI Hall as a venue for community activities.

South Milford Brass Concert

South Milford Brass held a fantastic concert in a packed St. Mary's Church, South Milford. The band played an entertaining programme showcasing their wide range of music styles. Over £500 was raised to be shared between the band, the church and the SMWI, who provided refreshments.

South Milford Brass.
South Milford Brass.
South Milford Brass.

Potterdoodle @ SMWI

A great afternoon of Potterdoodling was had by all who came along to the WI on Saturday. Proceeds from the cafe's delicious refreshments were donated to Comic Relief.

Just look at my handy work.
I'm impressed with how little paint he has on himself.
I'll give you a clue -it goes oink, oink!

South Milford Community Fun Day

Great fun was had by all at this Friends of South Milford School (FOSMS) event, and raised £1500. It was a great day, and we were blessed with lovely weather which brought out the crowds. Many enjoyed the tea and cakes on offer at the WI run cafe, as well as numerous other stalls and activities. A big thank you to all the WI ladies who baked or helped with the running of the cafe on the day, we raised £170.

Suzanne & Pat -Service with a smile.
The Play School 'Lucky Jars' stall.
The Class 2 cake stall.