Annual Meeting and the life and times of some of our members.

Next Meeting:
November 15th

Stories from Members

Annual Meeting and the life and times of some of our members -you maybe suprised what you learn.

7:30pm start.

Hall Hire.

Hall Hire

The WI hall is ideal for both children's and adults' parties and as a club venue. It is available for hire during the day and evening, seven days a week.

Hall Hire: Suzanne Cawood

Join the South Milford Women's Institute.

Join The Fun

Meet new friends with like minded interests, have fun and become an active member of your local women's institute, whilst supporting the South Milford Community.

Why not come along to our next meeting, you can pay on the door and do not have to subscribe to membership. Come when you want and you will be more than welcome.

SM Art Exhibition, 4 Nov, 2018.

SM Art - Pop up Art Exhibition, 4 November, 2018

This Sunday there will be a pop-up art exhibition of local artists' work at the WI Hall.

The event runs from 10am to 4pm, with free entry.

Local artists at work.
Children's corner.
WW1 and WW2 display table.

10% of art sales will go to the British Legion.

Clubs & Groups

The SMWI is the venue for a wide range of clubs & groups.

South Milford Pre-School 'Outstanding'.

South Milford Pre-School





Wine Talks.

Wine Talks

Belly Dancing.

Belly Dancing

Bettany Dancing.

Bettany Dancing

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